About Us

World Ecological Concept is a registered organisation in Nigeria. A global training environmental consulting firm and social enterprise that has been assisting organizations, government and individuals to achieve their environmental objectives and goals. We specialize in providing solutions in the fields of environment, including: sustainable energy, waste management, protection of natural environment and water. We serve clients ranging from communities, governments and individuals.

Our Values
Corporate Social Responsibility

Ours is a social enterprise, we care for the social well- being of young people in our immediate community. World Ecological Concepts invests in training young people on various environmental issues to enable them champion the promotion of sustainable environment in their schools and communities. We train them on waste to wealth and we have them as part of our community reforestation – Trees Planting and renewable energy projects.


Management Team

Oluwaseyi OLAWUYI (Prince).

Chief Executive Officer

Opeyemi Elujulo

Chief Operating Officer

Angela Ugo

Senior Consultant

Oluseyi Odewumi

Consultant: Renewable Energy