Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report revealed that climate change is real, and human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are its major drivers. The combination of climate change, poor management of natural resources, and related unsustainable practices has continued to devastate communities and livelihoods across the world, particularly in developing countries like Nigeria. Recent projections have suggested that the regions that are most at risk to the impacts of climate change are those with high dependence in natural resources and rain-fed agriculture for their economic mainstay. This description does not exempt Nigeria, like many other African countries.

This reality therefore suggests that deliberate and urgent global actions that are requisite to ensuring that our climate system is able to support and sustain environmental, economic, and social activities, and most importantly life is needed now than ever. In response to this need, World Ecological Concepts focuses on promoting climate education, special tailored- projects and related Mitigation and Adaptation measures to the climate crisis, towards securing a livable future for all.