Project 01

Biodiversity Hub

This is a World Ecological Concepts’ innovation and capacity building hub in which potential green entrepreneurs are being trained to achieve their green businesses’ dreams. The hub is set up specially to curb youth unemployment, to promote green businesses, use green businesses to curb the adverse effects of climate change and to promote sustainable environment. At Biodiversity Hub, we take our clients and students through sustainable innovations and green business ideas that will take them out of poverty circle without having adverse effects on our environment. It is a Hub where business dreams are turning into reality and prosperity.

At World Ecological Concepts, we have local and international seasoned trainers and experts in the field of green businesses who are arrayed to guide and help our students and clients to achieve their business objectives and needs.

At Biodiversity Hub, we understand that individuals’ needs are different therefore we design a curriculum that meets the needs of our students and clients. We train individuals that wants to go into green businesses such as solar installation, installation of Biofuel, production of clean cookstoves, waste to wealth/ Waste recycling, agroecology, agroforestry, restoration, modern farming techniques, production of organic fertilizers, etc. Our trainers guide our clients and students on how to write a winning business proposal and plans, fundraising and provide post training supports 

Our trainings are designed for potential green business entrepreneurs, young graduates and retirees. We also do corporate trainings and re-training programs for green business entrepreneurs to meet their special needs. We partner with green business innovators and idealists to actualize their business dreams

If you are interested in any of our programs, you want to partner or you need more information, kindly fill in the General Enquiry Form and we shall be glad to furnish you with more information.

Project 02

Community Waste to Wealth Project

World Ecological Concepts launched Community Waste to Wealth Project aimed at promoting sustainable waste management. The project was officially launched in the city of Osogbo, Osun state. Interested waste recyclers were trained on how best to go about the recycling business, development of business proposal, sales and buying of recyclables materials.